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Daphne Klyde as black and white Playboy bunny

Brunette Daphne Klyde is a vintage style icon, and she often wears a black and white old dress that looks like it was taken straight out of an old Playboy bunny costume. The dress has a halter neckline and is cut in a way that flaunts her curves, while the white lace accents add a hint of sexiness. The dress is also adorned with black and white pearls that give the dress a bit of a retro feel. The dress is also lined with a beautiful black satin, which makes this piece even more special. Daphne pairs this dress with classic black pumps, a simple black clutch, and her signature red lipstick. This look makes Daphne look glamorous and confident, and it's no wonder why she is often regarded as a style icon.

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Smiling Adelle Unicorn

Adelle was a girl with a fashion fetish; she had a special love for clothes and wearing them. Her favorite outfit to wear was always a long, striped dress. She felt that it made her look both classy and sexy at the same time. Adelle had long, slim legs that she was proud to show off. She made sure to always wear the dress with a pair of heels that accentuated her legs even further. Every time she wore the dress, she would flash a coy smile at everyone who passed her. Adelle felt confident and beautiful in her outfit, and it showed. Her friends often commented on how gorgeous she looked and how they wished that they could pull off the same look. Adelle knew that she was the only one who could pull off the unique combination of both a funny girl and a nude sexy look.

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